Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint Software

Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint(R) Training, Support, and Outsourced Services

We have expertise in the following areas of Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint® and can train and support your team on an as needed basis.  We tailor our services to fit the individual needs of our clients. Please contact us so that we can discuss your needs for helping your project management and/or accounting departments run more efficiently by utilizing the powerful features of Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint®.

Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint accounting software help is what we live to provide. An application is only as good as it is effective. Not only do we produce the means for you to be as successful as possible through our software, but we work hard to make sure that you understand all the tools that are available to you through Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint software. The following applications are available to you, and are processes that we provide training, consultation, and help for you and your team to master. Not every business will need all of these services. We will discuss your business needs with you and help direct you to the aspects of our software that are the best fit for you. Take advantage of our Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint consulting services, so you can get the most out of your software.

Benefits of Deltek Vision Accounting Software

Core Application – Accounting, Billing, Time & Expense – Make sure that your team is properly trained on the use of these features and is using them most efficiently.  We can offer tips and tricks for improving business processes.

Project Planning/Resource Management – Imagine automating scheduling, budgeting, forecasting, and resource management all in one application.  Imagine having more visibility into your projects, providing managers a better opportunity to bring those projects in on-time and within budget.  Let OAS show your project managers and resource planners how a single integrated system can improve efficiency, increase data integrity, and replace the disconnected tools that they traditionally use to manage their projects.

Vision iAccess – We like to call this “Project Planning Lite”!  Vision iAccess is a project management tool to give project managers what they need to plan, manage, and monitor their projects in a streamlined and consolidated manner.  Let us help you implement this great new tool to help you collect more accurate and complete project data, ultimately resulting in more profitable projects!  The best news for project managers is that it is browser independent and tablet ready for access on the go!

Vision CRM (Client Relationship Management) – Vision/Vantagepoint offers a centralized web-based tool for Marketing that enables everyone in your organization (sales, marketing, accounting, finance, management, and administration) to work together to meet your clients’ needs.  Let OAS show you how putting the clients at the center of your business can give you a tangible, sizable advantage over your competition, giving you a competitive edge to win more business and increase customer satisfaction via our Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint accounting software help.

Revenue Generation – Without Revenue Generation, Vision/Vantagepoint recognizes revenue as a project is billed.  If your firm would like a more accurate accounting of a project’s financial status by matching revenues with amounts spent, then revenue generation would accrue unbilled services and defer advanced billing services for each project.  Selecting the most appropriate revenue method for each project based on the project’s contract type can improve the accuracy of your reports and financial statements.  The team at OAS can assist with implementing revenue generation!

Reporting – Vision/Vantagepoint has over 300+ standard reports within the base application.  OAS can assist you to modify, sort, group, add new fields or make new calculations to create your own versions of any report you need, without customization.  Alternatively, OAS also offers custom reporting for any needs that can’t be met with the standard reporting options.

Deltek Touch Time and Expense – Enable your employees to enter time on-the-go, from anywhere, at anytime! Let our Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint accounting software and help staff make this a reality for you. With today’s increasingly mobile workforce, the task of inputting time is even more difficult, mobile timesheets provides a solution that increases timekeeping accuracy and efficiency, improves the accuracy of billable hours, and increases organizational profitability!

Kona – Kona is Deltek’s social productivity community centered around effective project team communication and collaboration.  OAS has experience setting up Kona Spaces and we can help set up Spaces for your firm.  It is a great way to cut down on e-mail clutter and organize tasks within your busy life at work and at home!

Government Forms – OAS can help you showcase your value offerings into the format mandated by federal government agencies by automating your SF330s.  The ability to showcase relevant project data on the SF330 can be critical to winning work with government agencies.

Proposals – OAS can show you how to create boilerplates in Vision to use templates and pull data from Vision to create professional, eye-catching proposals with very little effort.  Helps you to create proposals faster, with increased accuracy and in a consistent format!

Vision/Vantagepoint Performance Management – VPM offers a powerful business intelligence tool to help you turn critical business data into knowledge.  Let OAS show you how to empower your company to move beyond financial reporting to a more comprehensive view of strategic and operational indicators!

Multi-company – OAS provides full support for multi-company functionality including intercompany billing and consolidations in Vision/Vantagepoint.

Multi-currency – OAS provides full support for multi-currency functionality in Vision/Vantagepoint that allows a firm to transact business in any number of global currencies while maintaining core financial records in a single functional currency.

Document Management – Vision/Vantagepoint provides a web-based document collaboration platform to assist geographically dispersed team members working 24/7 and relying on internet based technologies to keep in sync.  Team members from around the firm and around the world can upload, share, review, and edit documents for every project, employee, client, contact, opportunity or other key record from within Vision/Vantagepoint using a web browser.

Payroll – Whether you choose to process your payroll in-house or outsource it, OAS can assist with ensuring that all the proper entries are being made in Vision/Vantagepoint along with the proper reconciliations.

Deltek First Vision Essentials

(Deltek in the Cloud)

Deltek First allows users to securely access their Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint® application and data securely over the web.  Deltek First is designed to help fast-growing, smaller A&E firms, management consultants and other service firms maximize their business performance and realize better project results while incurring fewer risks and reducing compliance costs.  The cloud securely provides software as a service via the Internet in a hosted environment that is accessed on-demand via a web-browser.  The cloud eliminates large resource & infrastructure requirements – no hardware to purchase & install, no environments to maintain, no updates to manage.  Let’s discuss if this can be a great option for your firm! Contact one of our Deltek Vision/Vantagepoint consultants now.