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March 31, 2021

Unanet A/E 2020 Partner of the Year

Outsourced Accounting Services is honored to have been recognized as the Unanet A/E 2020 Partner of the Year!  Thank you to our outstanding team, our industry partners, and, most importantly, our clients for allowing us to provide such exemplary service doing work that we love!
March 18, 2019

Why Choose Clearview’s InFocus – Part II

Written by Loren Saunders –   Clearview Software is an agile, nimble, dedicated, and responsive team. InFocus is a dynamic and robust ERP platform for the A&E industries. InFocus not only does things right, it is well supported by extensive, easily consumable supporting documentation and training libraries. Their platform is highly customizable with a dedicated and responsive suport team. Clearview’s mission is to “build great software”.   To remain symmetrical, I’m going to take each point from Part I about Deltek Vision and provide the counter point offered by Clearview Software.   1. Data is everything. Your business needs accurate, accessible data to be viable. Your ERP platform should provide you with that. Clearview InFocus was developed 10 years ago. They created a modern database architecture designed for both robustness and extensibility. One outcome of this is the fact that with InFocus you can have an unlimited WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) for your projects, while Deltek Vision allows for only 3 levels. This is due to the way they’ve structured their project elements data. When speaking of old vs. modern, something to note is that in it’s current version, Clearview InFocus is also a desktop application deployed only through Internet Explorer using Click Once technology. However, later this year (Q2 of 2019) the first part of the new HTML5 version will be coming out. Much like Deltek Vision, the InFocus HTML5 first release will cover most of the rank and file functionality (timesheets, expenses, some CRM components) with the other back office functionality being completed sometime next year. However, in stark contrast to Deltek’s often missed deadlines and failed promises, Clearview’s next major release will be number 50. Clearview has only been in business for 10 years. This elevated features release rate is evidence of their high commitment to listening […]
March 18, 2019

Why I am choosing Clearview’s InFocus over Deltek Vision – Part I

Written by Loren Saunders –   Deltek Vision is an old ERP platform written over 50 years ago. It has evolved its functionality mainly through acquisitions of competing or complementary products with attempts to merely add on source code and database architecture into the existing platform without integration or re-design of underlying architecture. The resultant frankenware leaves most customers unsatisfied and forced to spend money on outside consultants to make it work. Their support is lacking and pricing and licensing models punitive. Deltek’s strongest department is their marketing department. Their only goal is to make money, and it shows.   1. Deltek Vision has a database architecture created over 40 years ago, and it shows. The United States has an “aging infrastructure” problem. Your ERP platform shouldn’t be part of that problem. I started my career as a software developer in the late 90’s. Since I had a business degree and had been programming since the age of 12, I was well suited to build database driven software for automating business processes. Somehow while vetting ERP platforms for a client in Irvine 2003, CA we found and chose to implement Deltek Vision 3.1. Over the next 2.5 years I executed a phased implementation as we migrated one system after another into the single platform Deltek Vision. As I started working with the Vision system, it became apparent early on it had been written on mainframe computers in the 70’s and had not really evolved much since then.  The database had not been re-architected to fit modern best practices for transaction based software since the first version 35 years prior. To this day, as I write this article, Deltek continues to NOT evolve their database architecture. They merely add patches to the existing system to try to move it forward, extracting […]
March 7, 2013

Mobile Solutions from Clearview and Deltek

Smartphones can do just about anything that users can think of and now Clearview and Deltek have both released mobile solutions over the past few months that add to this list. Deltek’s original Mobile Timesheet solution for Vision only worked with Apple iPhones.  Recently, Deltek released a Touch Time app that will work with iOS and Android devices.  The Touch Time app will allow users to enter project, phase, task, labor code, time and comments in their timesheets.  Deltek’s Touch Time solution is currently in limited release and should be available in the near future. Clearview InFocus raises the stakes by incorporating a time entry and an expense entry mobile solution.  Clearview introduces the first two mobile applets in InFocus 1.4.7 (currently in limited release).  InFocus Mobile Applets get installed along with the native application and are accessible using either a mobile or desktop browser by simply going to the InFocus launch URL.  This simple solution will allow your users to enter all of the necessary information for their time and expenses remotely through their smartphones. With these solutions, firms can capture time that is otherwise forgotten, improve the accuracy of that captured time, and increase profitability of the firm.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information about the release of Deltek Vision® and Clearview InFocus mobile solutions as well as the release of Clearview InFocus 1.4.7.
February 7, 2013

Deltek Vision Project Navigator

Deltek has been working on a solution for project managers to plan, manage, and monitor their projects without all of the overhead of the Project Planning module.  Their solution is Deltek Vision® Navigator, a free, browser-independent, tablet-ready add-on for Deltek Vision® (if you are on Vision version 6.2 or 7.0).  Firms that already own and operate the Project Planning module will find that Navigator complements the functionality of that module rather than replaces it.  For firms that do not own the Project Planning module, Navigator provides a first step towards full project planning in Vision. Deltek Vision® Navigator gives firms: -a management portal for on-the-go project managers -the ability to easily capture data, manage projects remotely, and share status with everyone -project control for project managers and project visibility for the firm Along with Kona, Deltek Vision® Navigator allows firms to manage projects from outside the confines of the Deltek Vision® software.  These tools help managers perform their duties whether they are in the office or on-site since they area available to them wherever there is an available Internet connection.  A product demo and an FAQ PDF are available at P.S. Deltek Vision® Navigator is currently available only in limited release, but it should be available in general release soon.  Stay tuned to our blog for more information when it becomes available.
January 7, 2013

Competitive Differentiation

In this day and age, all organizations are looking to differentiate themselves from one another.  Each architecture or engineering firm is looking to be different from the next one. That involves focus; getting all of the individual people in an organization working towards the same goal.  When you want to stand out from the crowd, you don’t claim that your competitive differentiation is the way that we run our reports, enter our journal entries, or process our billing.  Organizations look to their people for differentiation.  More and more organizations are looking to let someone else manage certain aspects of the business, so the people in the organization can focus on the competitive differentiation.  They say that they are not going to manage their own 401k or process their own payroll.  Organizations are realizing that they can gain an advantage by letting somebody else manage their day-to-day accounting for them.  Outsourced Accounting Services can manage that day-to-day accounting and help you to focus on the strengths of your firm.  Please contact us at to find out how we can help your people focus on competitive differentiation while we handle some of the accounting activities that distract your people from the goal.