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February 7, 2013
Why I am choosing Clearview’s InFocus over Deltek Vision – Part I
March 18, 2019

Mobile Solutions from Clearview and Deltek

Smartphones can do just about anything that users can think of and now Clearview and Deltek have both released mobile solutions over the past few months that add to this list.

Deltek’s original Mobile Timesheet solution for Vision only worked with Apple iPhones.  Recently, Deltek released a Touch Time app that will work with iOS and Android devices.  The Touch Time app will allow users to enter project, phase, task, labor code, time and comments in their timesheets.  Deltek’s Touch Time solution is currently in limited release and should be available in the near future.

Clearview InFocus raises the stakes by incorporating a time entry and an expense entry mobile solution.  Clearview introduces the first two mobile applets in InFocus 1.4.7 (currently in limited release).  InFocus Mobile Applets get installed along with the native application and are accessible using either a mobile or desktop browser by simply going to the InFocus launch URL.  This simple solution will allow your users to enter all of the necessary information for their time and expenses remotely through their smartphones.

With these solutions, firms can capture time that is otherwise forgotten, improve the accuracy of that captured time, and increase profitability of the firm.  Stay tuned to this blog for more information about the release of Deltek Vision® and Clearview InFocus mobile solutions as well as the release of Clearview InFocus 1.4.7.