Unanet A/E

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Built from the ground up with the professional services industry in mind, Unanet A/E takes advantage of the most current technology to give you the the greatest return on your investment.


Unanet A/E uses a cutting edge deployment technology called ClickOnce to give you the convenience of the web with the power of a smart client. This means there’s no more waiting for the long load times of a web app or the sluggish transition from task to task.


Our Unanet A/E software sales have been steadily on the rise, and it has as much to do with the quality of our services as it does with the impactful solutions we provide. This computer system provides the fast-paced download speeds and response times in a format that’s easy to use and makes sense to you, whether you’re a computer expert or a software novice! Running a successful business takes more than just a little how-to knowledge and some luck. It takes having the kind of systems in place to help you operate efficiently and successfully, including the right software for daily operations.

Benefits of InFocus

Benefits of Unanet A/E

  • Unanet A/E is sold as a complete system!  There is never a need to purchase additional modules.
  • ClickOnce Web-based Deployment provides fast load times and transition from task to task!
  • User-friendly design is very intuitive and easy to learn.
  • Real-time data entry … no batch processing!
  • Data conversion offered for most software to reduce re-keying of existing data.
  • Easy and affordable report customization when necessary.
  • Receive Unanet A/E training and support from our service team.

Accounting – Full real-time accounting and our Automated Reverse Entry System means up-to-date reports and fewer mistakes.  Features include simultaneous cash and accrual accounting, labor distribution, pay-when-paid reporting, and DCAA-compliant accounting.

Billing – The industry’s most powerful invoicing system allows you to create any invoice your client requires.  Features include a flexible invoice designer, invoice templates, billing-adjustments module, support for all major industry contract metrics, multiple projects on a single invoice, and expense-only invoicing.

Time & Expense – Power and mobility. Our Unanet A/E software allows you to enter time and expenses at your desktop or with your iOS or Android mobile device. Attach receipt photos to expense sheets right from your phone and enter (or save for future use) unlimited comments in your timesheets.

Project Planning – Top Down, Bottom Up, or somewhere in between. It’s your project, Unanet lets you decide how to manage it.  Work with baseline and working plans.  Schedule work to individual employees and/or job titles to get the plans in place as soon as possible to support overall firm planning or individual proposal preparation.

Resource Allocations – Easily see real-time utilization by job title or employee and compare scheduled versus available.

Project Management – Extensive reporting and online bill review that helps bridge the gap between accounting and project managers.  A unique Work-Order System built into Unanet allows project managers to assign “to-do’s” to employees and, for new users unsure of the software features, we offer Unanet A/E training and support.

Project Central – A project manager’s best friend. Quickly see how every project is doing and easily manage budget and resources.  Provides one place where project managers can view project metrics and manage project budgets and resources.

Marketing & Sales – Track prospects, clients, and contacts and maintain a centralized calendar. No need for a separate CRM.

Multi-currency – Multi-currency is now built into the heart of Unanet A/E so you can do business from anywhere to anywhere.

Organization Units & Profit Centers – Establish unlimited divisions, offices, departments, or work groups. Opening a new branch is a simple copy and paste.

Dashboards – Always up-to-date, visual view of your firm’s most vital information. Customize it with dozens of widgets and tiles.  There are unlimited dashboard layouts and an unlimited number of dashboards per employee.  Have one dashboard for sales, one for project status, and one for overall organization health. With such convenience, it’s no wonder that Unanet A/E software is on the rise.

ReportBuilder – Design reports in minutes that would usually take a report professional hours.  Out-of-the-box templates cover the most common report design scenarios and you can customize the layout of the table in powerful ways.

Accounts Receivable – Up to 6 Aging Periods, support for multiple A/R Accounts, customizable Statements of Account and more.

Actions (Automated Workflow) – Actions are powerful SQL-based macros that allow endless possibilities for automating even the most complex workflows.

Unanet A/E in the Cloud – The full power and speed of the Unanet A/E software, securely hosted, backed-up, and maintained.

Data Transfer – Your past data is important.  Whether you’re coming from Vision/Vantagepoint®, Quickbooks®, SEMA4®, Advantage®, FMS®, or any other system, Unanet can help get your data into Unanet A/E .